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Eco-friendly sunscreen

■Please prepare the wear shown in the photo.

To prevent sunburn and injury.

We recommend that cover up  your  body as possible as you can.


 To avoid sunburn is "wearing rather than sunscreen".

Petrochemical sunscreens lead to water pollution.

Please consider to use natural and eco-friendly sunscreen.

​And also better for your skin and health.


・Sunglasses (better if you have a leash)

・Long-sleeved rash guard (rental available only adults)

・Short swimwear

・Long tights

・ Sandals ☆ Tour boots are rented for free.

​・Free rental of wet suits etc. depending on the situation.

*Please prepare a quick-drying synthetic fiber material. All can be substituted for trekking.

*Depending on the weather, you may be asked to bring rainwear.

* Sunglasses with UV protection and polarized lenses are recommended.

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