On the day of the tour,

We will require your signature for the paper below.

​Please see and recognize the conditions on the paper.

🔳Medical information and acknowledgment                                                        


In order to ensure safety on our tours,

One Drop kayak service requires participants to the following medical form.

This information will help the guides properly prepare for the tour.

Although One Drop kayak service’s guides have training in Advanced Wilderness First-Aid, One Drop kayak service assumes no responsibility for medical care. 

Information on this form is completely confidential.


Have you ever had, or are you prone to any of the following such as :

Heart condition, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Asthma, Joint dislocation, Seizure disorders, Epilepsy, Any chronic physical limitations, Meniere’s disease, Anaphylaxis from insect bite and/or food allergy, etc.

Have you ever been under a doctor’s care within last 12 months.

Memo : 


NOTICE‼️ for insurance.

*In case of an accident during the tour, our insurance will make up to the certain amount in JPN the predictable undesired damages on your side. IN PRINCIPLE, it is your responsibility to enroll in travel insurance on your own prior to your trip and activity in Japan 



I acknowledge that I have completed this medical form accurately, and truthfully,

I understand that any injury or illness that is aggravated by, or is a result of my participation in a sea kayak tour, is solely my responsibility.

I understand that withholding information may contribute to injury or illness complications, and possibly compromise the care provided in the event of an emergency.

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