One drop kayak tour

To the Ocean

  Half day ¥9.500-   3hours

  One day ¥15.500-  6hours with lunch

​​Make your day special!!

  • Paddling in spectacular view of Yakushima coast line. We might encounter sea turtles.

  • Snorkeling in a crystal clear water.

  • ​Relax and Play on beautiful beach and/or somewhere with no one but us.

To the River

  Half day ¥8.500-

Chillout with crystal clear water.

  • Pristine view of Yakushima.

  • Admiring flowers on the rocky shore in spring.

  • Swimming in summer.

  • Relaxing on the boulders in autumn.


代表者  中嶌 尚平

電話番号 0997-45-2231       

携帯電話 080-1291-1262

住所   鹿児島県熊毛郡屋久島町永田3051


                                                            Onedrop kayak service since 2015