To the Ocean

Welcome to One drop

English speaking, Japanese guide shows you a beautiful Island "Yakushima"!!

More Informative, Communicative and Friendly!!

Owner Guide : Shohei Nakajima

           Call me "SHO".

Kayaking to the Ocean, to the River and to the Trekking.

Also Cultual and Scenic Island drive!! Transport if needed.

Prices are below(lunch bento & insurance included)

NOTICE!! Please make sure you have a reliable travel insurance for any case because our insurance is occasionally limited.

・Drive around the Island,           ¥20.000- p/p, ¥30.000-for 2 person, ¥40.000-for 3 person.

・1 day Sea kayaking,                  ¥15.500-p/p

・Half day Sea kayaking,             ¥9.500-p/p

・Half day River kayaking,           ¥8.500-p/p

・Half day River kayaking

                             & Scenic Drive,  ¥20.000- p/p, ¥30.000-for 2 person, ¥40.000-for 3 person.

・Half day River kayaking

                                 & Trekking,    ¥23.000-p/p, ¥33.000-for 2 person, ¥42.000-for 3 person.


And feel free to ask about anything about the Island and Tours!! Special arrangement available!!

Ocean and River Kayaking tour 

Trekking tour

Round trip the Island tour


Owner      "Sho"  Shohei Nakajima

Tel          +81-997-45-2231       

Mobile   +81-80-1291-1262

Adress      3051 Nagata Kumage-gun Yakushima-cho Kagoshima



代表者  中嶌 尚平

電話番号 0997-47-1391(移転中のため通じないことがあります)    

携帯電話 080-1291-1262

住所   鹿児島県熊毛郡屋久島町楠川108


                                                            Onedrop kayak service since 2015